Court Lodge Calendar Sketch has been set up to produce artwork inspired by the beauty of this East Sussex gem!
Would love you to join me on the journey throughout 2012.
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Sunday, 29 April 2012

There sure are a lot of rabbits...

The birds were singing and the grass was green, but it seemed that most of the animals had the good sense to stay warm and dry, that is all except for the rabbits, and I. They seemed to be everywhere and yet covert, like little coordinated illegal gatherings reminiscent of Shaun Tan's wonderful book, The Rabbits. Suddenly I envisioned thousands of milk rabbits, farmed like cows, roaming the Pevensy Levels and being milked by tiny little rabbit milking machines or by disgruntled and under employed faeries put out of work by a lack of magic... but I digress. I am soaked through and warming slowly on my second cup of tea. The farm was wet and windy. My hiking boots are less waterproof than they used to be and it is impossible to sketch in pencil when your page is wet. You would think that this would be obvious, but now I know... Things that will be included in April's picture, green grass, rain, cows, rabbits, a fleet footed fox and cowslips... oh! and swallows :) ... and once again a pervasive sense of amity, thank you Court Lodge Farm, beautiful, even when wet.

Friday, 27 April 2012

Hello all! I am sincerly sorry for the lack of postage over the last month but exciting things have been afoot. Sylvaine invited me to exhibit at her Open House during the Brighton Festival and i have been directing all of my energy into preparing for the weekend of the 5th of May. I will post pictures as soon as and send invites for a possible private view on friday the 4th... watch this space :) In other news, our car has been written off by a friday night drunk driver, fortunately we were at home and nicely asleep during the incident and are getting a replacement car for the next couple of weeks, courtesy of the insurance company! As a result, I will be travelling out to Court lodge this Sunday, for an EARLY morning sketch and then back to Brighton for a roast to celebrate my belated birthday from the 13th of April. Let me know if you are an early riser and I will pick you up for the mission. March artwork to follow shortly!

Thursday, 19 April 2012

Friday, 6 April 2012

Just Published!!!

A little aside, I just got published! Whoo hooo! I mean it was a while ago, but just got my copy:) If anyone wants to see and support this awesome South Africa based intiative, check it out at Indy Planet or Comics Monkey
Happy Easter everybody, bunny ears and chocolate eggs :)