Court Lodge Calendar Sketch has been set up to produce artwork inspired by the beauty of this East Sussex gem!
Would love you to join me on the journey throughout 2012.
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Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Exhibition Sunday 3rd February 2013

I am so grateful and happy to have had so much wonderful support for the exhibition of this project! We arrived late Saturday night after a detour via Newhaven, all boxes ticked and ready to set up come Sunday morning. Over our tartiflette dinner it occurred to us suddenly, that having made a "NAKED cows Exhibition" sign for the road, we may receive visitors who would be fully expecting to see, not to mention put out if they did not see, some naked cows... so we decided to make some, the results were delightful and if you have not seen them already, then have a look at the slide show on the left. By 11o'clock we had had our first visitors and were ready, pictures hung, cider mulling and snacks awaiting nibbly mouths. And they came! A wonderful turnout of people both local and from further a field. So much positive feed back that all passed in a blur. From where I sat outside, I looked at the cottage, full with people in the warmth, drinking and eating and felt overwhelmed that they had all come. Thank you so much for all your support, thank you David and Marian for agreeing to this project and for hosting the exhibition in the cottage. It has been a wonderful experience which concluded in a very special day! This will be my last post for the Court Lodge Calendar Sketch blog and I hope that you have enjoyed coming along for the journey. If you would like to journey further with me as I prepare for my first solo exhibition in April, you can follow me here with all my love, Andrew James Hofmeyr

Saturday, 2 February 2013

Exhibition Sunday

Well, here we are, shopped out and ready to go. The weather is looking promising going from showery a few days ago, to cloudery and hopefully by tomorrow will have it Sunnery. Any weather makers out there if you fancy making some sun without wind I would welcome your intervention! :)
TOMORROW! Sunday 3rd February at Moorhen Cottage, Court Lodge Farm, Wartling, BN27 1RY
Come along and bring some sun, see you tomorrow :)