Court Lodge Calendar Sketch has been set up to produce artwork inspired by the beauty of this East Sussex gem!
Would love you to join me on the journey throughout 2012.
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Monday, 30 January 2012

Sunday 29 January 2012

After a few months of gestation, court lodge organic sketch achieved day 1. The idea is to visit the farm with a group of artists, once a month for the rest of 2012. Excellent :) All appropriate steps taken but on the day, some difficulties were experienced:
1) Volunteers unable to attend due to illness and hangovers.
2) Car battery KAPUT (new battery purchased)
3) The fantastic weather experienced in the morning turned into an icy gray cloud (after above mentioned 2hr delay) reminding me that, weather here should never be viewed as a constant.
4) Brief delay on arrival due to unexpected 6hr Australian open final (wasn't it a great match?)
5) After one and a half hours with no gloves I could no longer feel my fingers to hold the pencil (difficult)
 However on the positive side:
1) The Hardings' are wonderful, welcoming and generous (Thank you so much for the soup and cups of tea!)
2) Court Lodge Farm is beautiful, even in the dead of winter  (I can't wait to return at the end of February)
3) Some sketching done, results to follow.
4) The sound of hundreds of starling wings flying over head which just for a moment make you forget the cold.
5) Baby cows warm fingers wonderfully when they suck them.
Till next time, will upload some pics over the next few days!

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