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Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Beautiful Days!

Sunday was brilliant. One member down due to 4 o'clock in the morning text that probably had something to do with alcohol. 9 o'clock start accomplished. Collected  Sylvaine in time for hot chocolate and coffee from the small batch coffee house in Hove and then off in blazing sunshine!  Sylvaine is a very gifted illustrator and jewelry designer, french born and living in Brighton, be sure to have a look at her AMAZING creations on her web site at We set off around the farm, through the wood, passed the pond, along the river and back up to the farm house via the cows (where I indulged in having my fingers sucked by the calves and Sylvaine pulled faces at the slobber). Marian was kind enough to leave us some
super-delicious black current organic yogurt smoothie and some amazing apple and cinnamon cake thingys (which may not have been for us but which we consumed with great delight!). The day was terrific, brilliant with sunshine and a chorus of bird song from start to finish. We were graced with Herons, a sly fox, bunnies, a lone robin, Canada geese and a plethora of other critters busy about their Sunday business including pike fisherman, so much life in such a small space! Being there I am filled with a sense of gratitude to have access to such a deliciously lovely place. More to follow :)

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