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Friday, 16 March 2012

February 2012

Tah da! and here it is, thumb nail on left, scroll to the bottom of the page to view a larger image. I have changed the settings on the blog and it is now possible for you to leave comments, I would love to hear what you have to say. This months FREE GIVE AWAY, the original water colour sketch '...and marsh' from Sunday the 26th of February. All you have to do is write a one line description, musing or poem about February's pin up, post it in the comments box and the winner will be judged and contacted by the end of next week! Don't forget to share and tell all your friends... Happy Friday! :)


  1. Little fox ran as fast as he could
    convinced that a huge,bushy tail
    was chasing him through the watery wood
    but the faster he ran, he felt he might fail ...


  2. beyond the watery wood lay a marsh
    the terrain, there was uncannily harsh
    but outrun the huge, bushy tail he must
    tho' the more he ran, he got so confussed ...


  3. Andrew. Looking really good. Might bump into you as I'm often rambling about. If you want any photos to work from let me know. Cheers Tony Skerl

  4. Nice work, takes me away from city life for a moment of peace in the country.