Court Lodge Calendar Sketch has been set up to produce artwork inspired by the beauty of this East Sussex gem!
Would love you to join me on the journey throughout 2012.
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Saturday, 7 July 2012

Sunday 24th June 2012

Hello :) Sunday was a wee bit hazy, which was hardly surprising after a night of field party that ended (for us) in a rain shower sometime around first light in the morning. When we emerged from our broken and sodden tent, the sky was gray and the wind was still up. The evening had been delightful between the barns of Disco and live music, the chill tent, cinema and far field indie awning-caravan, Thank you so much for the spirit of MO, had a great time! Due to the inclement weather experienced on waking, we elected to decamp, settling for a few foto's (see right) of Court Lodge from across the river. Nice to get a far off perspective of the farm and a sense of where I've been sketching and how the landscape all fits together. We then decided on a most invigorating swim in the Court Lodge River and some delicious food at the Lamb Inn in Wartling. Much to our delight, the sun came out in at this point in the afternoon and we idled in the church cemetery before heading back to Brighton.
Now, there is talk afoot of preparing the calendar for printing, (already now in July!) and I do believe the fire beneath my behind is about to be stoked :)... expect more from here soon!

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