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Thursday, 2 August 2012

Sunday 29 July 2012

Scattered sunshine with rays of cloud, a cacophony of flowers and a drizzle of bumble bees, bugs, butterflies and other small things like stinging nettles and barbed seeds that collect around the ankles on your socks! Sylven and I arrived mid morning and sat for some time at the 13th century St Mary Magdalene Church, soaking in the sun whilst sitting upon some stumps found in the cemetery. David Harding was hosting a moth talk and bustled off to collect moths from a moth trap and once more was dazzling in his knowledge of local fauna. At moments like that I often find myself wishing that there was time enough to just sit for the whole day and talk about the habits of moths and the worms that they come from... How inspiring to be privy to the accumulation of a life time! After the church we drifted down towards the willow wood where a red fox glimpsed us from beneath the trees and we sat once more on the banks of the pond, simply overwhelmed by green. Green trees, plants, grass, shade, water and at times it seemed the sky too would green out above us and descend. Then walking, or wading through nettles and grass and barbed-bally things and trees and hills and fences to ford and hills to climb and cows and pigs and calves and lovely people... Court Lodge is really astounding, a whole paragraph and I have not even mentioned the flowers! It's over half way now, already into the eighth month and it is wonderful to look back and feel the changes. It is so much more than a graduation of colour, the growing of leaves or the changing patterns of light tracing trees from the sky, but rather an expansion of space. Space that contracts and becomes smaller with each visit but only because it fills with more wonderful things than could ever be described in a life time.

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