Court Lodge Calendar Sketch has been set up to produce artwork inspired by the beauty of this East Sussex gem!
Would love you to join me on the journey throughout 2012.
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Monday, 1 October 2012

Saturday the 29th of September

Sometimes things just slide together like puzzle pieces in a butter field, without planning we meet friends and if you're looking for something, it never hurts to sit down for a cup of tea :) After about 20minutes of collating bus timetables between Polegate, Hastings, Bexhill and Eastbourne, I went to sit in the parking lot to have some tea and contemplate Taxi's, and lo there sat Serogo a wonderful man from Papua New Guinea who I've met through Clare's involvement with the Free West Papua Campaign. For those of you who don't know about the independence struggle, please follow the link and have a look. As luck would have it Clare collected us both and Marian was wonderful enough to make us breakfast with some hedgerow jelly, mmm. Think it was half way through a slice of bacon that I suddenly wondered if I was eating one of the pigs from the yard, but felt quite relieved to find them both alive and kicking in their pen opposite the cows! After breakfast I took my leave and wondered into the fields, following fox tracks in the mud and finding Clare and Serogo removing docks from the field which has to be done manually as pesticide's are off limits for organic establishments like Court lodge. and then... an apparition... two people in their pajama's, fun-fur coats and wellies broke through the mud of the horizon and approached to offer me red wine! Smiled into my soul bones when strangers give the biggest, most wonderful hugs, and shook my head all the way back to Brighton, a smile nesting in the corner of my mind, at the improbability of the encounter. Unfortunately I was unable to capture the moment on film but may just end up doing and artists impression of the lovelies coming down the mud track. And the big news! Tentatively, we have agreed on Sunday the 25th of November as the day for the exhibition at Court Lodge to take place at moor hen cottage. I'm thinking umbrella's, mulled wine, barrels with fire and with luck some clear or at least dry sky. I will be exhibiting the works produced throughout the year and calendars WILL be available alongside original artwork... let everybody know!


  1. loving your March sketch !!!

  2. Thanks Tony :) Have a look at my last exhibition, you might like thjose too :)